Beats On Beats

CSU Dominguez Hills

Choreographer/Director: Robert Laos 

Performers: Josh Alvarez, Nick Castillo, Kristal Duran, Britney Ewing, Angelina Garcia, Brenae Howard, Eunice Islas, Eric Ixta, Zi Liang, Hannah Mercado 

Music: Angelo Soriano and Kevin Soriano 

Length: 4:59 

Costumes by: Carin S. Jacobs 


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Music: “Daydreaming” by Seth Cordts

Choreographed by Sydney Jones (student)

Performed by 
Sydney Jones, Karina Siu, Erica David
Edited by Sydney Jones

Faculty Advisor Diana Stanton


Chico State
Music: “Tomorrow” , “Sad Day” , and “Piano Moment” by Bensound
Conceived and Directed by Megan Glynn Zollinger
Dancers and Co-Creators (in order of appearance): Natsumi Kawamura (featured soloist), Raymundo Ballejos Jr., Jordan Kopp, Kendyll Naso, Jackson Taitano, Cora Cahill, Leif K. Bramer, Harrie Schaufel, Ilana Greenberg, Lesley Bernabe Martinez, Casey Schneider, Olivia Loupe, Amaya Barcus, Susana Correa
Lighting by Jeremy Votava

Production Team: Carmen Gomez, Jeremy Votava, Pete Austin
Edited by Megan Glynn Zollinger


CSU Channel Islands
Choreographed, Composed, Performed, and Edited by Maddy Hitchcock


San Francisco State University
Music: “Malibongwe” (Instrumental)- Afrikan Roots

Choreographed by ArVejon Jones
Dancers/Cinematographers: Onara De Silva, Caitlin Evans, Joshua Jung, Annie Nguyen, Lam Nguyen, Luz Oble, Lucia Padilla, Yasmine Vidaurre, Yan Zhang

Dance Captain: Lucia Padilla

Costumes: Provided by dancers with color scheme by the choreographer

Technical Advisor/Editor: Brynmore Williams

Waves of Sadness

CSU East Bay
Music: Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny
Choreographed, Performed, and Edited by Ina Gonzalez

In Unity

CSU Dominguez Hills
Music composed by Cleo Kelley
Choreographed by Doris Ressl in collaboration with the dancers
 Dancers/Videographers: Amber Alliman, Alyssa Casas, Lesley Bautista, Sarah Omori, Chav’nair Stocker*, Angela Zambrano *guest dancer from Riverside City College
Film Editor: Devell Deshazer


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Music: “The Shape/Thought” by Tian
Choreographed and Performed by Sarah Maloney (student)
Edited by Sarah Maloney

Faculty Advisor: Diana Stanton

Boxed In 
part 3

California State University, Channel Islands
Music: composed and performed by Saiko Fujii
Directed by Heather Castillo in collaboration with the performers.
Journal Entries Improvised, Filmed, and Performed by: Pablo Regino Baltazar, Heather Castillo, Jessica Lynn Clay, Saiko Fujii, Julia Hendrickson, Maddy Hitchcock, Michela Lee, Gabriella Perry, Amanda Ruiz, Angelina Sandoval, Tea Schwartz, Fanny Valdez
Edited by Heather Castillo

Faculty Advisor Heather Castillo


Cal State University East Bay
Music: No Time To Die by Billie Eilish
Choreographed, Performed, and Edited by Toya

Ever thine/mine/ours

San Francisco State University
Music: “Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 2, No. 1: II. Adagio” by Ludwig Van Beethoven performed by Glen Gould; mixed and additional sound score by Joshua Prado
Choreographed by Ray Tadio and Dancers
Dancers/Cinematographers: Tiana Avila, Marley Carter, Johan Casal, Hannah Collins, Alexandra ‘Allie’ Levey, Mira Rose, Elseana Skowronski
Dance Captain: Marley Carter
Costumes: Selected by students with guidance from choreographer

Technical Advisor/Editor: Brynmore Williams

Befriending My Shadow

CSu East Bay
Music: Intro – Reyna Biddy

Choreographed, Performed and Edited by Desiree Galvez